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Reorganizing Touch with Hudriket

Hudriket is an on-going performance installation created by Liv Kristin Holmberg and Hanna Barfod.

Presentation of Liv Kristin + Hanna

Instruction to the audience (Julie/Linda): Find an object somewhere in your surrounding. It can be aleaf, a flower, a small stick, a stone…or something else you feel that invites you to pick it up and holdit. Find a good position for yourself. Sitting, lying or standing. Put the object in your left hand andclose your eyes.

Drone kommer på.
Ulik materialitet I språket, snakk m tekstur

(Hanna/Liv Kristin): Hi and Welcome. Hei og velkommen! Stig inn i Hudriket- akkurat som du er:hudløs, tykkhudet, uberørt, helskinnet, skinnhellig, uangripelig, lettrørt, hudhungrig…

Enter into the kingdom of the skin. Pinch yourself in the arm and sense all the levels of your skin. You are your deadskin. You are your living skin.

We are touchers, and we are touched. Din berøring med verden er definitiv. Du kan ikke være noe annet sted enn her akkurat nå. Kroppendin er tilstede. Huden din er tilstede. Vær hilset hud. Salute to the skin! You can not be anywhere else right now, but in your own skin. The skin, which makes up a protective border between what is you, and what is the rest of the world.The skin, which organize the relation between what is on the inside of you, and what is on theoutside of you. Not anymore. No longer shall your skin be a barrier against the world. Now the skin is your world. Open the pores and expand skin beyond your Self. Where do you start? Where do youend? Breath through your skin. Breath in and out. The skin is your eyes. The skin is your ears. You areenclosed by your skin and you are your skin.

To touch and to be touched is an existential condition- we are always in touch with the world aroundus. We are touchers, and we are touched.When you travel through your many layers of skin, in the end you meet your clothes, your shoes. Youmeet the ground that carries you, you meet the air that you breeth, the little object in your hand,and the vast universe. You are touched, and you are a toucher.

The school of touch provides endless information. Now give focus to your sense of touch. Feel yourleft hand. Feel what your left hand is feeling right now. The left hand is now the Eyes of your Skin. Letthe hand see what it is holding. Feel the hand. Feel the object. And feel the hand that holds theobject. How is it to touch the object? And how is it to be touched by the object?We are touchers, and we are touched.The left hand is part of your body, but still it has its own memories. Remember something your lefthand has touched before. Remember something your left hand was touched by before.

And now feel your right hand. The right hand is also part of your body, and it also has its ownmemories. Now give your right hand some new memories of touch. Use your left hand and theobject you placed in your hand – and touch your right hand. Explore the landscape of your right handwith your object.

You are your left hand. You are your right hand. The object is an expansion of you. You touchyourself, and you are touched by yourself. You create yourself continuously in interaction with allthat surrounds you.Oh what a work of art is man! The skin is a canvas onto which life can be painted. Simultaneously theskin is the artist that imprints the world.The skin and the sense of touch is a free and democratic resource for all humans. Let us ask the skinfor advice when we build our cities, when we create our societies. Lets reorganize the world from oursense of touch!We are touched and we are a touchers.We are touched and we are a touchers.We are touched and we are a touchers.