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The Great Kitchen machine

I came across a beautiful self built machine on the coastline in northern Chile. It was perfectly suited for the preparation of algae as it was dried on the beach and crushed into powder. I imagen building a machine in Bergen, a crusher, huge blender, maybe a place to dry moist material. Partly manual, partly automatic. Half labour intensive. It could be build under the bridge of Ado, among the piles of organized material. Or it could be stretched out in the
whole city - on very long kitchen benches - or spread out in stations. dried in the fresh wind on the top of Fløyen, prepared on the empty and open surface at Festplassen and crushed under the tires on Spagetti Island. The machine could be slowly restructured as the processing comes to an end and the powdered product is ready to be served. Maybe its now a long table where people
could gather to feast.