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The Seed of Concepts

When a seed of concepts is born into the world it is precious and ultra potent. In order to grow and flourish it needs to be fed and nurtured. Through a non-linear recipe the concepts will have the ability to change beyond time. Like a handwritten book of recipes, Ingredients and directions can be added and changed, but the lines of erased descriptions will still remain and be embedded in the paper while new layers are being added. The non-linear recipe is a formula open to any suggesting actant. (It is not restricted to actants who are able to write recipes. The recipe is open to any media.)

Once the seed is being fed by an actant an ultra energetic “love hormone” is activated in the nurturing actant. The chemical process holds the potential of provoking a feeling in the actant of “wanting-to-give-more” because of the great pleasure it gives. The nurturing instinct is charged with a nerve essential for responsive and sensitive caregiving. The nerve is a chemical process that can float through any internal space of human or non-human material. The nurturing is crucial for the seed of concepts as it inhibits the rejection of its offspring. But though it seems to be governed by an automatic process, the nurturing consists of active choices and a willingness to embrace the plurality of ideas through a non-linear process. Rejection, discard and denial is the ultimate antagonist to the extraction process of a seed of concepts.

*The seeds of Concepts are to be found within the internal space of every material and is a sort of unit of reproduction because of its ability to develop into new formations.