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Future multiplicities and retroactivity


Every microscopic location has its own time, and so every particle encompasses its specific reality. As incidents happen as they are happening they are fundamentally impossible to predict. Yet they float through every particular reality and are being shaped by them. The continuation of these infinite quantities of times entail a multiplicity of perspectives which holds a realm of possible futures. But their position is not static and in their journey towards the future they affect each other. In an interrelated web they bind, intervene, they shatter, negotiate and mingle in a constant material fluxus.

Architecture is to its core a retroactive act. In order to build we plan. Through imagination, ideas and concepts sketches become physical manifestations. Further, the sketches develop into drawn plans and models indicating future material combinations. There are intentions, goals, aims, purposes, desires, hopes and potential meanings stretching far into the future before any project is accomplished and built. The past and present is in possession of the future with its retroactive force. Once ideas and concepts are withdrawn one by one the force is deliberately extracted in a process where decisions, choices and eliminations become crucial. The extraction has embryonic power. But at the same time as it has the potential of affecting endless future generations, the same Essence can imaginably be diluted of desolate ideas*. 

The dilution of ideas and concepts within an architectural process can possibly eliminate the plurality of futures. These ideas and concepts are the future material combinations we build our environment upon. They also form the groundwork of The Constructed Time as they build up an imagination of future figurations. In a world where incidents and relationships of multiple microscopic material synthesis are what forms the fundamental “building blocks”, they should be considered from the very beginning of the architectural creation. By understanding the coeval multiplicities, the radical contemporaneity and constitutive complexity of human and non-human material its internal space will open up.

*Globalisation force; excluding a plurality of ideas for one singular idea. (money as example being the singular value marker in the transformation of ideas to built structures) A homogeneous material transfiguration - the product.

Looking for the material evidence of retroactive futures

A site planned for future development

A heated pizza delivery box preserves energy for later

traces of plans

A place to wait for the future and a sign to tell you it is coming

material is often waiting in stacks