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Rain Jellys Recipe



The rain jelly can be made to have various consistencies depending on the mixing ratio of rain and potato starch. The jelly can be made with only the two ingredients or powder can be added (in this recipe batch powder) for the jelly to receive color and odor. If the mix has a thick consistency it can be moulded into shape with using the hands, or if using a thinner mix it may be poured onto a surface or in a container with the desired shape.


One small pot of rain water
3 tp of potato starch
Piece of pine tree barch

Feel free to experiment with propotions!


Place a container (f.ex a bucket) outside and wait for it to be filled with rain. Fill a pot with rain and let it boil. When boiling take the pot off the heat and add two spoons of potato starch. You may use a strainer to add the starch if lumps are unwanted. If you forget, the strainer can be used to get rid of the lumps after it is added. You can separate the lumps and use them to make a thicker mix like it is shown in the video and pictures above. Pour the mix into a container and scrape off some barch to blend in if you want to.