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New Earth

When things get mixed up it turns into dirt. When various powders blend, it can potentially support life. It becomes a new earth.

Through a Reorganizing Chain powders are combined through several steps until it potentially becomes an uncommitted shape of brown matter.

Dirt is the holiest of all powdered material. The internal space of dirt powder is a medium for plant growth, it can contain, supply and purify water, it is a modifier of Earth's atmosphere and the habitat of all organisms. The process of transforming material into mixed powdered compounds is a kind of reversed alchemy where a more homogeneous organization of material becomes a complex and intervened matter of endless opportunities.

To make a New Earth:

1. Collect dry material from the city. What is not already dust,
    you need to powderize.  

2. Marinate in water and mold into any desired shape.

3. Wait for potential crops