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Material powderization

What we experience as forms in which materials are molded into is only a “diffuse image”. In the fundamental grammar of the things, pieces of matter are scattered and there is no distinction between past, present and future. In these timeless and spaceless processes, the multiplicity of incidents and relations is what make up the essential “building blocks” of the world.

To powderize material is to look into the Internal space of the material, considering most possible particles of its compound. As the shape dissolves, the materials can be examined on equal ground. By mobilizing immobilized material, a pulverized energy is released. By contemplating a plurality of stories embedded in the material organizations and letting microscopic actions take place we can accomodate a wider spectrum of potential futures.

Nostalgic Matter

Objects as well as bodies deprive material of its particular histories and can create a limited construction of the future. Looking into the single narrative of an entity can exclude its material abilities. Is constructing for the future by using only preorganized material to exclude potential futures? What is a truly radical future of material?

Focusing on what a material is and has been, is somehow to betray its future. But the becoming is a result of a condition, and conditions are accumulated by histories. To predict futures upon the study of past events can offer change but not of a genuinely radical character. In order to affect or relate to the fundamental nature of the material, the yearning for its former configuration has to be put aside, and a dissolvement or particularization of shape needs to occur. The crushing is a force of revolution where the renewal of the material, as it is brought back to its noncommittal shape, holds the potential of radical transformation.

--excerpt from the Vibrant Time Manifesto