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Constructed time
the past, the future

Real time
the present, touchable time
Things that happen as they happen.  Occurs in material.

Vibrant time
A multiplicity of futures happening at the same time.
Explores the spectrum between realitities and dreams.

(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

The plans for the future materializing themselves in real time.

reorganization (verb): 

A reorganization is a significant and disruptive overhaul of an existing material system. It may include shutting down existing processes, replacing components, destruction of forms, crushing, breaking, squeezing, pressing, crunching, pounding, mashing, adding, mixing, blending in order to produce new relationships and meanings within the system.


Happenings in opposition to something in constructed time. 

Events, happenings, occurrences. Incidents happen as they happen, possibly caused by something else. Incidents happen in real time.


Relational incidents. At least two incidents that together create potentially surprising meaning.

The way things act on each other

The potential for causing changes. Electrical energy, heat energy, gravity 

Matter in a finely divided state; particulate dry matter produced by the grinding, crushing, or disintegration of a solid substance.

Pulverized Energy
The energy of a free powder. When a material organization is brought back to an uncommitted shape by sudden or/and gradual processes; crushing, exploding, decomposing, dissolving cremating etc. Energy is generated through a multiplicity of locations holding their own particular time and potential futures. A material in pulverized state can intervene, blend, synthesize easier then a material organization, at the same time as it can spread, be scattered and get affected by natural processes eg. wind.

physical substance that takes up space


Immobilized material
An organization of material that is suspended in its shape.  Although no material is truly immobilized, it can appear immobilized 

Thoughts/ideas entering real time.
Becoming a physical substance.

See also: Real time

Constructions of the future, or drawings from above

A material state, how it is

In between the being and the being something else


Realm of possibility

Material satire


Internal space The inside of a material.  Commonly seen in section drawings, but impossible to experience.  A magical act to unlock internal space: powder a material and hold it in your hand, or spread it around your body.  At the same time hold in your mind the memory of its previous form.  The powder is entirely made of internal space.

Radical future
A thoroughly unpredictable Change relating to the fundamental nature or root of something.  The future has roots in the present.

The seed of concepts