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Notes from under the bridge at Ado

A lot of arrangements of materials, separated into piles

Components of what is under the road, sandy grey, stones,

There is a fence made into a ball, then I think about how spread out a fence is, how much it changes space and then it is funny to see it as a little blob on the ground

Some lamp posts lying next to each other, and near them some road signs (face down on the ground)

All the stuff we need to make the city but it is waiting to be arranged carefully.  And things that will have meaning later that almost makes them lose their material life (becoming a symbol)...or just that they become so familiar when they are in the right place.

There is this pile of asphalt that is like a landscape instead of a road, small asphalt mountains surrounding a dirty puddle like a fjord.  The other stuff seems deliberate but this part looks like a weird mistake or just a mess someone made Then sitting on the mountain and I am big.  Watch cars drive by above on the overpass. A full road experience in four dimensions. 

The good thing about being here is that we can make a lot of noise and break things and move them around and people do not even look at us.  The bad thing is that it can feel a little toxic after some time. 

There is a puddle with this thick grey mud, like it is in between being pavement and being mud.  We make these little blobs with it and put it on a concrete barrier. Later I saw them dried light grey, and it was this really familiar material of dry parking lot puddle made three dimensional that made me feel kind of nostalgic (?)

When you are under the highway there is a crack between the two roads that is very thin.  There are pipes that take water from the road down somewhere but it is locked and you don’t get to see where it goes.